Who knew right, but if your a treasure fanatic this might be for you.

Snooping around on the internet, came across this neat little piece of information. There is supposedly a stash of $150,000 buried along Highway 52 between Chatfield and Rochester. For the avid treasure hunter, check out onlyinyourstate.com to see this and a few more treasures hidden in Minnesota, but this one caught my eye.

Now I have driven on Highway 52 for years and years. Never giving a thought to there being a stash of money along it. But for you people like me who had no idea about it, here is a little back story on it.

The treasure was buried sometime in the 1930's by the Barker-Karpis Gang. Wikipedia has a little more information on the gang, you can find it by clicking here. But the money was part of a large ransom paid to them for the return of a St. Paul Banker. Now comes the interesting part.

The cache of money, $150,000 dollars was buried next to a fence post on Hwy 52. But don't get your shovels out just yet, because the roads have changed. According to the site ancientlosttreasures.com, the road it is on is right now HWY 42. Next to a fence post.

So, I might suggest making a few friends along Highway 42. Find the fence post (That probably has been taken out) and guess what. You might find a missing treasure with well over $100,000 dollars.

Good Luck, best case scenario, you might make a network TV show, and for sure get a call from us at KFIL and KVGO Radio.