Do you read "The Old Farmer's Almanac"?  I remember as a young girl, my father would sit at the kitchen table, drinking his coffee, reading the Almanac.  Whatever the old farmers at the Almanac said, dad took it as gospel.  Did they say it is time to plant your tomato plants?  Yep, dad was outside tilling up the soil.  Didn't matter if it had been 30 degrees the day before; the Almanac said it was time to plant, so it had to be true.


I skim a copy now and then, taking most of the information with a grain of salt. Weather is weather.  It's a fifty-fifty prediction.  It might rain, it might not.  What does the Almanac say we have in store for June?  Let me begin by saying that they were spot-on for May 27-31.  They predicted "thunderstorms, warm temperatures".  Back to June.  It's predicted that our temperatures will be three degrees below average, the average being 75 degrees and it's going to be a rainy month.  The best fishing days in our region are June 4-20.  We will have a 163 day growing season.

What other tidbits concerning June does the Almanac share?  June 8, 1989 a deadly tornado struck Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  June 15, 1836, Arkansas was admitted as the 25th U.S. state.  I found this unusual - June 16, 1903, Andrew Jackson, Jr. issued a patent for eye protectors for chickens.  June 18, 1991, 3.47 inches of rain fell in one hour in Atlanta, Georgia.  June 23, 1996 a 50-pound 4-ounce red snapper was caught near Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico.

And finally, they leave us with these words of wisdom "June damp and warm, does the farmer no harm".