You haven't seen anything yet.

Bugatti has always been known for making some of the fastest production cars in the world, but their new model is definitely making a statement. An article on shared the full story.

Your definition of speed I guess depends where in time you grew up. Was your era the time of the "Muscle Car," where it was the Mustang versus the Camaro? Are you part of the new generation, where horsepower is measured by how much electronics you can pack in your car? Bugatti set a new standard with their new model car. And it is scary fast.

Bugatti's Chiron is the new model, topping out at a whopping 285 mph. Now, the part of the article that caught my eye was the speed limiter. There were people that were upset because the new Bugatti was limited to only.....and I will say that again. Only 261 mph.

My question, where can you drive a car that fast. No where around here, but 261 is fast enough for anyone. For the few that want the extra speed, Bugatti is offering to help remove the speed limiter.

So the next time your cruising down the interstate, thinking 70 is too fast, remember people were complaining that 261 mph was not fast enough. Enjoy that thought.

But check out the article on Cars have always been changing, but when is the speed going to be to much? Who knows! But I do know I will keep mine at 55.