We all knew this day would come, and it is here.

The day where smartphones mixed with gaming, and created this: Pokémon GO. What is it you ask. Well, the animated TV show gained a ton of popularity with young kids, and even an older crowd. A show about a kid, trying to train and catch little animals that had special powers.

Nintendo has made numerous games for their consoles. Catching them, training them and battling them. But add that on a smartphone, and it's an instant hit. Here is what it is all about.

Once you download the app, there are hotspots that you can go to, and catch the Pokémon. All from your phone, you can train it, battle with them, all that stuff. You can even gather at "arenas" that are other hotspots and battle with friends.

Seems like a simple idea, and it was used so much on the first day, the servers crashed for the game.

There has been a little controversy with the game though. Hotspots appear in some odd places. Museums were the one that made me question it. But they are all over. Rochester even has them. Check them out here.

All that said though, are you going to give it a try? I probably won't! But if you're into Pokémon, give it a try.

Check out pokemon.com to see all the information about the new game.