Today, May 11th is National Eat What You Want Day.  At last, a day I would love to celebrate!  What would you indulge in today if you were celebrating?  My list is long but for the sake of this article, I'll try to shorten it!  For breakfast, French toast and bacon.

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Anything with bacon is heavenly!  My lunch choice - a hot dog and sweet potato fries from A&W.  Dinner would be rib eye steak, baked potato with tons of butter, applesauce, fried green peppers and for dessert a hot fudge sundae from Dairy Queen.  There goes my cholesterol!  If I REALLY could eat what I want, I would include smelt and French fries; alas, I'm allergic to fish so that won't come to pass.

According to an article written last year on, the five post popular foods in the United States are (in order) French fries, hamburgers, fried chicken, eggs, and pizza. Take your pick, folks.  Whether it's Chinese, Italian, Swedish, or plain old American meat and potatoes, today is the day you can EAT WHAT YOU WANT!!  Enjoy!