Labor Day, how do you celebrate it.

Labor Day, in most peoples eyes it brings the end of summer. Even though it really isn't, still feels like it. Most attractions are closing for the year, the weather starts to change. For some, it is a weekend plus a day off. Others it is a normal work day. But how did Labor day come to be. An article on gave me a little more knowledge on what the holiday is, so here is a little glimpse of what it is.

Labor Day started with a parade. An idea of a parade to celebrate the American Worker. It is said that the New York Labor Movement was the first to have the idea. But the very first Labor day celebration was back in the year 1882 in New York. The first state to have the day as on official holiday was Oregon and in 1894 it was made a federal holiday.

How do you celebrate the day? Is it a trip to the campground, one last trip to to a amusement park, or just a backyard BBQ.

No matter what you do, just remember how the holiday was started. Enjoy the day however you do. Get outside and enjoy the weather, because in a few short months, for us here in Minnesota anyways, those temps will drop and the snow will start to fall.

But check out the article on The history of the holiday is there, along with what others do to celebrate Labor Day.