You are going to want to see this place then.

Camping next to a river is one of the best camping experiences you will ever have. But this takes it a step further.

On Ely's White Iron Lake, they have what can only be called luxury tenting. Yes, luxury tenting. The area is its own private island, that for a fee, you can rent the entire thing. But the tents are huge, and actually have off the ground full size beds.

No need to do your "business" in the woods, because the tents are all connected by walkways to an outhouse.

If you want to cook, you better believe everything is indoors. You can bring your own food, or have it provided to you.

It really wouldn't be that hard to go camping in conditions like that at all. But head over to the website Read on this, it takes camping to a whole new level.

Enjoy this one.