Our furry little, or big friends we call our pets.

For most, dogs are considered to be a part of the family. I know that is the case in my household. We talk to them like they are people, and some people just can't understand why. But a new study actually shows that dogs understand what we tell them.

It has been all over the news, but how about my take on it? And for a little science to back it up, I checked out the website newscientist.com.

A dog can understand words like sit, shake, roll over, and other similar commands. Have you ever wondered how that is possible? Well, dogs do have brains. Some days you wonder for sure, but they do! Just like a human, dog's brains are split in two parts. One half processes words and the other half recognizes the tone of your voice.

When you say "good dog" to your pet, their tail wags with excitement, and conversely, when you say "bad dog" in another tone of voice your dog may tuck its tail between its legs and walk away with its head down. We have all done it to them. And the traits are backed up by science now.

Remember that the next time you talk to your family pet. Though they might look at you with a blank stare, they very well may know what you are saying. Check out the article on newscientist.com and read the findings. It's neat to think that your dog may have understood conversations you have had with it. It makes me wonder if they tell all their dog friends about the stories their owner tells them!

What could possibly be next for our four-legged friends? A way for them to talk to us? I imagine the only word my dog would want to say is BACON!