What am I talking about? 

Mystery Cave is what I am talking about. Have you heard of it. You have probably driven by it a ton of times. Mystery Cave is located in Forestville State Park. You know where it is now I bet.

Looking through the site onlyinyourstate.com, came across an article about this incredible cave. Caves are pretty cool as they are, but Mystery Cave looks awesome.

It spans underground 13 miles, making it the longest one in Minnesota. It was also discovered in 1937. So it has been in the public eye for some time.

It has numerous passages, stalactites, stalagmites and fossils. The picture that caught my eye, the pools underground. They are always crystal clear, and the picture shows that off.

And you can visit it, with a small charge of course. The cave offers the normal tours and the tours where you can explore the cave more in depth. And no matter what the temp is outside, its always cool underground.

So all that said, the best way to see it, go visit it. Forestville State Park is neat enough as it is, but throw this in. You have got something awesome.

Head over to onlyinyourstate.com to see the article and the pictures of the cave. It is close enough, you can probably make it over to see it today.