Dog's are considered "man's best friend,"  but which one is right for you? How about the friendliest?

If you have been thinking about making the leap and getting a four-legged friend, you want a dog that is smart and friendly. But what is the right choice? has a list about the 23 friendliest dog breeds you can own. We will shorten the list a little bit, and bring you the top 5 on the list. But head to the website to see the Friendliest dog breeds you can own.

5- A Boxer--Boxers make for a friendly house pet. They can grow to be about 2 feet tall and weigh about 80 pounds. But very cheerful hounds. Also as a bonus, they don't shed a lot.

4-Beagles--Beagles make an awesome hunting companion. They have a great sense of smell and are able to track animals very well. They are great around family's and children. If you can get past that beagle yelp.

3-Bulldogs--I know all about bulldogs. My uncle had one for the longest time. They are incredibly friendly for looking like one of the toughest dogs out there. If you happen to see a bulldog puppy though, be ready to open up the checkbook. Once you see one, you will have to buy it.

2-Golden Retrievers--If you are thinking about a friendly dog, the first dog that comes to mind are retrievers. They amazingly smart and very loyal dogs. They can be trained very easily.

1-Labrador Retriever--Now I know just how friendly these dogs are. Because I have one. They are very mild mannered, and are extremely smart dogs. Their big size should not scare you away. They are very gentle dogs, but be prepared to play fetch all the time.

There is one honorable mention that was outside the top 5 I had to talk about. And that would be Samoyeds. They are 22nd on this list. Why Samoyeds? Well, because we also have two of them. They have earned the nickname Smiley, because they always look like they are smiling. They can grow pretty big, and they love the snow. So, if you want a dog to pull you through the snow, a Samoyed is my choice.

There is my list for you. If you are thinking about getting a dog for your family, read through the list. Friendly is a good trait in a dog, So do a little research and find the right fit for you. Head over to to check out the entire list.