We have quite the collection of people here in Minnesota, that's for sure.

What kind of person are you. Onlyinyourstate.com compiled a list of the types of people you meet in Minnesota. A lot of them, spot on to. Here are just a few, but head to onlyinyourstate.com to see the whole list.

The Outdoorsman (or Outdoorswoman)

We all know them, they spend more time outdoors then inside. Nothing wrong with that either. Ask them, what do you want to do today. It doesn't matter if its 100 degrees or -100 degrees, better find something to do outside.

The Weekend Warrior

We all work 5 days a week, some more. It is what the weekend is for right. But there is always the one who basically plans their week around the weekend. Heading to the lake, housework, working on the cabin. It does not matter, the weekend is here.

The Small Towner

Fits most of us in SE Minnesota to a T. Ask for directions from a local small towner, you might be confused. Turn by the barn in the field next to the fork in the road. One thing I have to say about Small town People, we are for sure the friendliest around.

The Old Timer

Back in my day, This is the way it use to be. We hear it all the time. They know everything, about everything, because they have seen everything. But, if you want to know the best fishing spot in town, ask. They know all the tricks and spots.

Last for my list, The Health Nut

We all know a few now. Run, Run, Run, Sleep, Repeat. Heath is a big thing now days, as it was before. But more so now I think. Without health, what do we have.

And there are a few, just a small portion of the People You Meet In Minnesota. Head on over to onlyinyourstate.com to read the list, and see if any of them fit you. I am almost sure one of them fits.