Minnesota is home to a lot of them.

But what ones are the deepest. I would like to think the deeper the lake, the bigger the fish are. Is it right though, probably not at all. But thanks to the website onlyinyourstate.com, here are a few of the deepest lakes in Minnesota.

Lake Superior is obviously the deepest in Minnesota. 1,333 feet to be exact. That is one deep lake.

Sabin in St. Louis County. You are going to see a trend with these last few. Why, they are mine pits. At 465 feet deep, one deep hole, and also is very clear.

Another is Hill Annex Mine Lake. No depth on it, but it says there is still mine remnants under the water.

Saganaga in Cook County. It rolls in at 280 feet deep. It is on the border, and is one sweet place.

Huntington Mine in Crow Wing County. At 258 feet deep, they say this one is a scuba divers dream.

Last one on my list is Lake La Salle. It is in a State Recreation Area so that just says awesome. And has spots that are up to 213 feet deep.

So check out the entire list at onlyinyourstate.com. Maybe the next story ill have to find are the lake monsters in the waters. Could we have our own Loch Ness Monster in Minnesota.