I grew up in Minnesota, and remember driving through towns like Motley, Bratsville and Day. BUT, are they the towns in Minnesota with the strangest names? I think not! Here are the six towns that I think have the strangest names! Enjoy. 

  • Climax

    According to Wikipedia, Climax was named after a chewing tobacco company. Imagine giving directions to a town nearby to it and having to utter the phrase, "head north until you reach Climax..." Ha!

  • Nimrod

    With a population of just 69, it is one of the smallest incorporated towns in Minnesota. Don't be a nimrod, go out and visit Nimrod!

    NJ - Townsquare Media
  • Fertile

    Apparently we copied Iowa on this town name. Should we be proud?!? With a name like that, you'd think they would have a much larger population, right?

  • Keister

  • Embarrass

    The town of Embarrass is known as the state's "cold spot" - the coldest place in Minnesota. To see where the town name comes from, click here.

  • Welcome

    "Originally known as Lily Creek for the creek that still flows to the north, the name was later changed to Welcome in honor of Alfred M. Welcome, an Englishman who homesteaded in Manyaska Township after the Civil War," according to the city of Welcome website.