If you have never been to Arizona, California, or Nevada, and you want heat......

This would be a good week to head to the southwest.

Record heat continues this week in the southwest, and it is HOTTT!!! Now, I lived in the southwest for a number of year, so I am no stranger to the heat. Seeing days hit over 100 degrees was the normal. The southwest doesn't have the humidity we have here, so you can enjoy it a little more.

But, with low humidity, and winds come fires. California is in the midst of a massive wildfire fueled by the heat and wind.

These were the temperatures on Monday...And they are HOT. Check out washingtonpost.com to see the full article on the record heat this year.

Santa Fe hit 102

Tucson hit 115, and that's almost to hot for Arizona

Yuma hit 120--Would you believe that's tied for the 4 hottest day recorded

and Phoenix hit 118 on Monday

Pretty insane right, it got me thinking. How Hot does it have to get before you can cook on the sidewalk. Well, it must the right temperature, because in Phoenix, they were cooking eggs on the sidewalk. Hot right.

Could they boil water on the sidewalk..... No not yet. Water boils at 212 Degrees, so they are not there yet.

We in southern Minnesota have seen a few days this year hit 90, so tack on about 30 more degrees, and there you have it.  So just remember if you head outside this summer, bring plenty of sunscreen and drink a lot of water.

Like they say on TV "The More You Know"