Not being from this area originally, I just assume the way things are now is the way they have always been.  Many times I'm wrong!  I just learned today that Preston Trout Days Kids Fishing Event has not always been part of Preston Trout Days.  And it has been around for a lot longer than I thought and is believed to be the oldest kids' fishing event in Minnesota.

Talking this morning with Kids Fishing Event Chairperson, Bruce Fishbaugher, I learned that the event dates back to the mid-1950's.  At that time it was sponsored by Preston Sportsman's Club and was a traveling tourney, taking place at local streams and creeks, as well as the Root River in Preston.  Bruce remembers fishing in the tournament as a kid.

The tournament became part of Preston's Trout Days celebration around 1990.  Since that time, it has been held at Camp Creek thanks to wonderful hosts, Bob and Elaine Maust. The event draws approximately 150 young fishermen accompanied by a parent.  The event is free and participants receive a goody bag and free lunch.  Kids must bring their own bait and fishing equipment.

 Volunteers work tirelessly for months before the event obtaining donations and prizes from local businesses and fishing manufacturers such as Eagle Claw, South Bend and Pure Fishing.  Volunteers also man the grill during the event preparing hot dogs for the hungry young fishermen!

This year's Preston Trout Days Kids' Fishing Event will be held Saturday May 21 at Camp Creek starting at 9 a.m. rain or shine! So mark your calendar and prepare to bring your kids.  It's a day they will long remember!