With the Scripps National Spelling Bee having just wrapped up, it feels like the whole country has been fixated on spelling. Even Google got into the act, producing a list of the most-commonly misspelled word in each state, including Minnesota.

To create the list, Google searched which word was paired most with the phrase "how to spell..." in each state. Four states had the word "desert" come up. Perhaps they were just hungry for dessert instead? "Cancelled" was the top word for four other states. "Diarrhea" proved to be a truly messy word for two states to tackle, while "vacuum" really sucked to spell for three others.

Many states were unique as far as their top misspelled word, with some of the best being Utah and their search for "leprechaun" while Wyoming was quite "ornery." As for our fair state? Well, it turns out the word those of us in the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" have the most trouble spelling is "broccoli!"

How about you? Have you got any words that you always need to check how to spell? Check out a map of Google's complete list!