Rochester, MN (KROC AM News ) - A Rochester couple made the trip to the State Lottery Headquarters in Roseville on Friday to collect a $1 million prize.

Nick Suchla was the person who purchased the Powerball ticket at Carroll’s Corn that matched the first five numbers drawn during Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing. The IT Director for the University of Minnesota-Rochester says he visits the business in the subway-level of the Kahler Hotel several times a week to buy a Red Bull and lottery tickets and he made a stop on April 13th.

The following day, his wife Lacey spotted a Facebook post about a Powerball ticket worth $1 million being sold at Carroll’s Corn on Wednesday. Knowing your husband buys his lottery tickets at the store, she joked with him when he got home from work on Thursday saying, “You should look it up—it could be us. Ha! Ha!”

He didn’t get the Powerball, but the other five numbers matched and Lacey recalled “he just stared at it” before her husband exclaimed, “That’s the $1 million ticket.”

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