Once a month here at the radio station, we all get together for a group lunch. This was the first nice day we've had for it in quite some time, so we grilled out. It was while we were outside that we came across this sad, grisly sight...

This poor bird was hanging from one of the station satellite dishes by what appears to be some fishing line. An obvious accident, right? At least that's what most of us thought. However, a few other ideas surfaced.

Right above the poor bird's carcass is a nest filled with baby birds. One station employee wondered aloud if perhaps the poor bird decided he couldn't handle the stress of being a father and had done this awful deed to himself.

As the apparent mother bird flew nearby, another wondered if she had anything to do with this male bird's demise. Had he wronged her as she was busy birthing the babies? Was he planning to leave her?

Nobody will ever know for sure. It had to be an accident, right?