You might want to have a second look at it.

Especially if it is an Apple-1 computer.

Odds are, you probably don't have one sitting around. But ever wonder what one would bring you. Better yet, one actually built by the founders of Apple. Well, it happened, and here is what the rare Apple-1 model sold at Auction.


Yes, for a computer that has about as much power as a calculator today. has a whole story on this very rare Celebration Apple-1 computer that went up for auction last week. Me being a bit of a computer person saw it, and had to take a second look at it.

Now this computer the article says was never sold to the public, which makes it even more rare, but hopefully the new owners will keep everything together with it, and preserve the history.

Check out the article though on Foxnews. Computer person or not, we use them every day. And it is pretty neat to see how far technology has come over the years.