If you have walked outside, you know what I am talking about.

How is a person suppose to stay cool on days like this. Lucky for you, I found a few easy ways to beat this heat. So here they are. The website lifehacker.com has the answers.

Obviously, drink more water. One thing that is key to beating the heat.

Try not to sweat as much. Sounds easy, but when it is hot outside it happens.

You can make your own AC Unit. With a fan, a Styrofoam cooler and some ice. You have an AC unit.

Keep your food cool and avoid using the oven. Ovens are hot, yes. Ovens also emit a lot of heat out of them. Stick to eating out on hot days.

There is a way to cool your car down very fast. Watch the video on the website.

And finally, know where you're body's cool points are. Your wrists, your neck, find something cool to put on those areas, and you will stay cool.

Aside from sitting inside right in front of your AC, those are a few good ways to try and stay cool. Remember if you have pets too, keep them inside and cool. They have fur coats all year long, and need to stay cool.

Check out lifehacker.com though, check out the entire article and see for yourself.