We use it almost every day, and it is home to some pretty smart minds. But....

Did you know that the search engine that changed the internet has some pretty cool tricks you can do. You would have to imagine with some of the brightest minds in computer programming, they would think of something right. Well they did, and the results.....


Now I knew a few of them before reading an article on memeburn.com, but you always learn something new. Here are a few cool tricks you can do with google.

The Barrel Roll

This one is simple, yet pretty cool. You type in the search box "Do a barrel roll" and your screen does just that. And you can watch it for ages. Something so simple, and entertaining.

Google Gravity

If you feel like scaring a co-worker, this might be the ticket. Google Gravity will take everything on your google screen, and give it no gravity. Everything drops to the bottom of your screen, and you can fling things around. What is even cooler, everything still works.

The best though is Chuck Norris

The man, the myth, the legend. Even google knows not to cross Chuck Norris. Type in "find chuck norris" and click i'm feelin lucky. Google then tells you what you need to know. Chuck Norris Finds you. Try it, you will probably turn your head to see if Chuck is behind you.

Check out the sight memeburn.com, and see a few more of the tricks google can do. Some will keep you occupied for a few hours.