We hear the stories, but this one might be true.

Keep in mind, this happened last year, but things need to be analyzed before they can be put in the news. Still, it might send a chill up your spine.

Foxnews.com has a story about a signal that was sent out from space. The report says the signal came from 94 light-years away. Do I have any idea how far that is? No, but I would imagine its quite a ways away.

The signal was detected back in May of 2015 by researchers using a radio telescope in Russia. The article also gives details on the signal strength, which is pretty fascinating to read.

Makes you wonder if we really are alone in the universe. But the signal will continue to be looked at to see what it really was. Aliens, or just a random sound. Once I hear anything more on it, you can be sure it will be right here on the website.

But if you are interested in learning more about it, head to Foxnews.com. Read the entire story on the mystery noise. Maybe look up at the sky tonight and wonder...