From Sheriff Tom Kaase

On Sunday, May 1st, at approximately 9:01 PM, the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Dispatch Center received a call of a bear in the City of Chatfield, at 719 Grand Street. Chatfield Police, DNR, and Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office all responded. An adult black bear was found in a tree at this residence. Officers on scene used lights and noise to try and get the bear to leave. The bear ended up coming down the tree, but did not run off. The bear remained in the area and was growling at the officers. This is not the first complaint or call of a bear in the area. There had been other calls of a bear in back yards and on porches in the last few days. Due to the previous reports of the bear in back yards and on porches, and the threat to the citizens in the area, a decision was made to euthanize the bear. The bear was shot by a DNR Officer and a Fillmore County Sheriff’s Deputy simultaneously. The bear was removed from the scene and possession of it was taken by the DNR Officer. The black bear was an adult male and estimated to weigh over 200 pounds.

Thank you and have a day everyone.

Sheriff Tom Kaase