Warmer weather can only mean one thing

That's right, After the Madness of March, what do we have to fill our days with.  We get our fill of pre-season ball, but that doesn't beat opening day.  Sunny skies, sunflower seeds and hot dogs.

With Opening Day of baseball right around the corner, how do you get in the right mood to watch your team?  Is it taking a day off, driving up to the ballpark, or sitting in the comfort of your recliner.  Maybe it's heading down to the local high school field and watching the young talent.  Either way, gotta love a good baseball game right.

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, its baseball fans are some dedicated people.  From jerseys to hats, sitting in that right spot to catch a foul ball, its all about the fun.


It's Baseball Season, what more can I say.