Since 2002, September 19 has been International Talk Like a Pirate Day. My curious mind wanted to learn how it all came to be. Go way back to June 6, 1995 when two guys, John Baur and Mark Summers were playing racquetball and started talking like pirates.  Learn the whole story at talk like a pirate.  If you plan to talk like a pirate on Monday, be sure you use your words wisely!

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Here's a crash course: Avast - who goes there  Belay -shut up  Blimey - an exclamation of surprise  Booty - no, not your rear end. This booty is loot.  Buccaneer - Caribbean pirates  Bucko - friend  Cutlass - curved sword, heavier than a sabre  Dog - a mild insult  Fair winds - good bye or good luck  Feed the fish - what you do when you're thrown into the sea dead or alive
Grub - food  Jack Ketch - the hangman  Jolly Roger - the pirates' skull-and-crossbones flag  Keelhaul - being dragged under the ship as punishment  Landlubber - a non-sailor Lights - a pirate's lungs  Me hearties - way for the leader to address his crew  Pillage - to rub or raid an on shore target  Pirate - a seagoing robber and murderer  Poop deck - the highest deck at the aft end of the ship  Poxed - diseased. Used as an insult  Rope's end - flogging  Shanty - a sea song  Shiver me timbers - expression of surprise or deep emotion Splice the mainbrace - to have a drink or many drinks  Swab (verb) to clean something on the ship  Swab (noun) a disrespectful term for a seaman  Swag - loot  Walk the plank - execution at sea  Wench - female  Yo-ho-ho - no real meaning, just a cool pirate thing to say