From Sheriff Tom Kaase


Today, at approximately 1007 hours, Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Dispatch Center received a report from the State Patrol that a cement truck had lost its load on US Hwy 52, by Fillmore County Road #12, south of Preston. This area is located


by the Preston Equipment John Deere. Preston Police and the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office responded. They began slowing northbound and southbound traffic down so both directions could be travel safely through the dust filled area. They found that a Croell semi carrying dry powder cement lost its load in the southbound lane of Hwy 52, spanning a distance of over a quarter mile. This was creating a very dangerous traffic hazard as when southbound traffic traveled through it; it caused “white-out” conditions from the dust.

FC Sheriff

A payloader from the Croell cement company first attempted to remove the cement from the roadway but was not successful. Minnesota DOT plow trucks arrived on scene and removed a considerable amount of cement from the roadway by plowing it off to the shoulder. This was not completely successful due to “white-out” conditions continuing with southbound traffic traveling through it. Minnesota DOT crew then returned with a large compressor and blew the cement off the road. After the spill and during the cleanup, traffic had to slowed and directed by the Preston Police, Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office, and the Minnesota State Patrol. The cleanup took approximately 2 ½ hours.


Thank you and have a Great Weekend Everyone.