An annual report on hospital safety shows there was a slight increase in the number of so-called adverse events in Minnesota hospitals last year, but the number of resulting deaths declined.

The State Health Department says there were 277 adverse events involving the categories that have been tracked for previous reports and those adverse events were blamed for 8 deaths. Last year, the report listed 258 adverse events and 15 deaths statewide.

The health department added four new categories this year, including death or injury during a low-risk pregnancy. With the additional categories, there were a total of 308 adverse events and 13 related deaths. The report notes 6 of the additional deaths occurred during labor or delivery in low-risk pregnancies.

Locally, a total of 44 adverse events were reported by the Mayo Clinic that resulted in 10 serious injuries and one death. The Olmsted Medical Center reported 3 adverse events that resulted in 2 serious injuries and one death.  Both deaths were caused by patients falling while in the hospital.

(The Associated Press contributed to this story)