I'm patiently waiting for that side of town to grow even more. There are some stellar stores over there - Target, Sneiderman's, Fleet Farm, Old Navy, etc. Well, you can add one more place to your list of places to check out on the South side. It's a new laser hair removal place - Milan Laser Hair Removal. 

Milan has several locations in the Midwest, but this is the first in Minnesota. It'll open in the same strip as Apollo at the end of September. Milan's website says they guarantee you'll never have to shave again. Ok, I'm listening! "Laser hair removal can treat nearly anywhere on the body and on average, you’ll see 95%+ hair reduction in 7-10 treatments."

Have you ever tried laser hair removal? If so, would you recommend it?

Fun fact, I did just a few treatments in the cities for my armpits. I wasn't overly impressed with that facility or the results. BUT according to Milan's website, they are ranked the best in laser hair removal. They've had people who weren't happy with their results at other places, have the results they were expecting there. So, I'm willing and able to try it again. Was it painful? No. Annoying, but not painful. It kind of feels like a rubber band snapping, and it's a little sensitive afterward. I felt worse razor burns... Just saying.